Visit to the DIL - German Institute for Food Technology eV πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

FarmInsect visited the DIL in May and our team was able to gain exciting insights. For many years, the DIL has been a leader in insect research and processing.

As of today, FarmInsect is the newest member of the DIL and is looking forward to a great cooperation! 🀝

The DIL is a respected research institution specializing in food technology. It works closely with the food industry to develop innovative technologies and processes to improve food products. The DIL conducts extensive research to optimize the quality, safety and shelf life of food. It also offers training and consulting services for companies and helps to promote the exchange of knowledge and innovation in the food industry. The institute plays an important role in supporting companies in the development of new products and the implementation of efficient production processes. We at Farminsect had the unique opportunity to enjoy a very interesting tour of all the premises.

More information about the DIL is available here:

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