High-quality insect larvae from Germany!

This year, we held intensive talks with pet food companies in Germany and the EU. This enabled us to understand our customers' needs even better and to align our products accordingly.

For pet food companies, the following three topics are most important:
Quality, Regionality and Sustainability.  

Here are a few examples:  

Quality: Quality: our fresh/frozen larvae have already been tested in dog food and the positive result has been very convincing for both dog, owner and manufacturer. In direct comparison with other insect larvae, our product was fully convincing in terms of taste and was virtually devoured by the dogs. The competitor products, on the other hand, were not even touched by the dogs....  

Regionality: FarmInsect is able to build up a regional supply chain through decentralized production on farms and to increase the production volume considerably within a short period of time. This can also reduce delivery distances and costs. Pet food manufacturers and their customers simply love sustainable products.

Sustainability: Our highly technologized plants with the very efficient air conditioning technology and robotics can be built into old buildings, we use regional residual materials as feed for the larvae and can use existing waste heat. In this way, we create a regional circular economy.    

In order to also design the further distribution in the highest quality and to find long-term partners for this process, we are currently in several talks with very interesting companies that can, among other things, produce flour or mush from insect larvae. The first production is already planned here for the beginning of 2023.  

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