Sustainable Agriculture


Automated solution for regional insect breeding for the farmer as animal feed for chickens, pigs and fish.

“The circular economy of agricultural biomass is the key to environmentally friendly and resource-efficient agriculture. Insects in particular help us to close regional cycles that would be difficult to reach with conventional farm animals. Insects produce high-quality protein for use as animal feed and food. "

- Professor Wilhelm Windisch
Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Advantages of regional insect breeding

Regional cycles can make more efficient use of resources:
Feeding insects improves animal health:

Insects enable sustainable and sustainable agriculture:

With FarmInsect we want to make animal husbandry more sustainable and efficient. For this we use insects and the concepts of the circular economy. The challenges and needs of farmers are the focus of our efforts. With our innovative approach for regional insect breeding, we want to give farmers the prospect of producing their protein feed themselves. Insects have been approved as feed for farm animals in the EU since 2017 and offer the potential to replace the import of soy or fish meal with a regional and sustainable solution. With FarmInsect we make this potential available to the farmer.

With our solution, farmers can save up to 20 % of their feed costs. At the same time, the company benefits from a better nutrient balance and higher animal welfare. We support the farmer from start to finish. The machine concept is designed in such a way that it can be integrated into any operational infrastructure. An intuitive IT platform monitors all important process steps and guides the farmer through the production process step by step. So everyone, even without previous knowledge, can successfully start with insect production.

The circular economy is brought back to the farm through the regional production of useful insects as animal feed. In addition, due to the regional production, supply chains are completely redefined. Resilient, regional clusters are replacing the supply chains of the 20th century that are dependent on the world market. At FarmInsect we help you to unlock the potential of modern agriculture with regionally integrated material cycles for your company.


FarmInsect is part of a strong partner network that is a leader in the development of alternative protein sources. FarmInsect has been supported by the Technical University of Munich since the development phase and operates the first pilot plant there. In 2019 FarmInsect won first place in the TUM Startup Booster Grant. FarmInsect has been part of the LMU EC Accelerator program since early 2020. FarmInsect works in the field of machine development with the Munich University of Applied Sciences. 

In summer 2020, FarmInsect was included in the EU's EIT Food Accelerator Network as one of the most promising food and agritech startups in Europe.

FarmInsect has been supported by the Bavarian Ministry of Agriculture and the EU since April 2020 as part of the "European Innovation Partnerships" funding program. 

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Here Europe invests in the rural areas.

Co-financed by the Free State of Bavaria as part of the development program for rural areas in Bavaria 2014-2020.

The project for sustainable insect production in Bavaria is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forests and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

As part of the funded project, the economic viability and feasibility of decentralized production of black soldier fly larvae and processing into fish feed in agricultural holdings in Bavaria are to be examined.

We are an interdisciplinary and experienced founding team. With competencies from the fields of agricultural science, electrical engineering and business administration, we are perfectly positioned for development. The founders all have several years of experience in development as well as startup and start-up experience.

Managing directors

Wolfgang has already successfully founded several companies in the food sector. He has experience in development, production and quality. At FarmInsect, he is responsible for biological research, operations, finance and QM.

Managing directors

Thomas hat erfolgreich ein IT-Unternehmen gegründet und es als CFO und Vertriebsleiter auf Wachstumskurs gebracht. Er bringt Erfahrung im Bereich HR, Legal, Technik und Vertrieb mit. Bei FarmInsect ist er für die Kunden, die Technik und HR zuständig.

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