Farming with insects and future

Is farming still worth it? Yes, with our products, we reduce costs and CO2 emissions. Sounds interesting? Then take a look at our facility at the fish farmer Alfried Stier.

Feeding the future. Closing the circles.

Have you ever fed insect larvae to animals? What sounds unusual is completely natural - because it is in the spirit of the circular economy. Because there is no such thing as “waste”. And that is exactly our approach: we offer a cycle around Agritech products with regional insect breeding. The advantage: our high-protein feed is more sustainable, resource-saving and cheaper than using conventional feed in agriculture.

Fattening system

Automatic insect breeding. Sounds like science fiction? Doesn't have to. We would be happy to explain step by step how our highly automated fattening system breeds insects.

Young larvae & repurchase

We not only supply our customers with insects, we are also happy to buy them back fattened in the event of overproduction. Why? To turn them into pet food!

Larvae for pet food

We also produce and buy larvae for the pet food sector. In this way, excess larvae can be used. And our pets also deserve healthy and sustainable food.

How we close the circle

Once farmers have decided in favor of our modular fattening system, the following cycle starts:


We deliver the system and put it into operation. That means we train our farmers and set up the FarmInsect Cloud. So you can easily operate the system from anywhere and nothing can go wrong. Once the system has been set up, we adapt the feed and the climate recipe to the local conditions. This is the only way we can achieve the best possible result. 


Once the system has been set up, farmers will be supplied weekly with our young larvae subscription. And then? You harvest the fattened larvae, add food and young larvae and the larvae grow again. Each climate chamber is harvested once a week and new young larvae are placed.


The feed for the young larvae is also produced in the spirit of circular economy: the larvae grow quickly through residues (approved as feed) from our own farm and/or purchased from the region. Because we help to find the optimal feed mix. In addition to the high-quality protein from larvae, compost (feed) is also produced, which can be used for your own fields - or sold as high-quality fertilizer after heat treatment.


Farmers are now spoiled for choice: either they feed the fattened larvae to their own animals, or they sell them back to us. If they go to us, we will find regional buyers, for example in the feed and pet food sectors. And that's how easy it is to close the cycle again. 

“The circular economy is key to sustainable agriculture. Insects help us to close regional cycles that are difficult to reach with conventional livestock. Insects produce high-quality protein for use as animal feed and food.”

Professor Wilhelm Windisch
Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Known from

Nothing crawls without you

Without our many partners from science and industry, we would not be where we are today. And the EU has also contributed to our previous successes with funding. At this point a big thank you for the trust and the good cooperation!

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