Review: Open Day 2023

FarmInsect opened its doors again on June 22, 2023 and gave over 100 interested participants an exclusive look behind the scenes. Farmers, locals, press representatives and other visitors were able to get to know the most modern insect breeding facility in Europe at our Open Door Day. 

At various stations, FarmInsect employees explained the individual modules of our system to small groups of visitors. Adult flies were presented in a flight cage so that you could “touch” them and get a better understanding of the offspring of the young larvae. Of course, visitors could also marvel at the larvae of the black soldier fly. For "getting to know each other for the first time", the animals were divided into several fattening boxes according to different age groups. 

With consistently nice weather, the factory tour ended in a relaxed atmosphere with delicious burgers and cool drinks in the open air. In this way, the last open questions about insect breeding in a summery atmosphere could be answered.

FarmInsect would like to thank all visitors for the great interest and the lively exchange.

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