Our Mission

Feeding the future. Closing the circles.

We quickly realized: saving the world is an important goal, but it is too fuzzy. Too vague and also too big for a company. That is why we have formulated a goal that is just as ambitious, but is in our hands: in 10 years we want to completely replace soy and fishmeal in the EU. 

In doing so, we and our fellow campaigners not only make agriculture more sustainable, but also make a contribution to leaving the world better for future generations.

How a question became FarmInsect

It all started with one question: What are the biggest climate killers? We quickly identified agriculture as one of the biggest drivers of CO2 emissions. So the next question was: And what can you do about it? When insects were approved as animal feed in the EU in 2017, it was clear to us: This is our topic, with which we can make a difference. We - Thomas & Wolfgang - had both already successfully founded one. And we knew that the climate crisis needed quick solutions. That's why we left our companies and founded FarmInsect.

Milestones reached

2017 & 2018

It all started with the challenge of stopping climate change. After the first idea, we quickly started working on the first prototypes to check whether our ideas could be implemented at all.


Had an idea, built a prototype and found out: Yes, the idea can be implemented. Next, we started our first in-house production of insect larvae to test the use of insect food more widely.


The insect food was well received by the animals, so the next step followed: not only did we want to produce insect food, the farmer should also be able to do it on site. A little later we installed the first customer system.


More and more farmers and fish farmers wanted our insect food. In order to meet the increasing demand, we opened a new production site on over 1,000 square meters. 


Today we can proudly claim: We are the largest regional insect production network in Europe. This is still just the beginning: In order to save more soy and fishmeal, we have to keep growing.

Our values


Insight driven


Resource-saving / sustainable


The founding team

Wolfgang Westermeier

Wolfgang studied biology and agricultural science. He is a serial entrepreneur in the food and agritech sector. Wolfgang has 15+ years of experience in product development and 10+ years in animal breeding. In his spare time, he campaigns for species protection. If he feels like relaxing, he throws on the grill - because only those who treat their sense of taste to something good can relax!

Thomas Kuehn

Thomas studied electrical engineering and business administration. He is also a serial entrepreneur in the food and tech sector, with 15+ years in software development and 10+ years in sales. Even in his free time, the young dad is busy saving the planet. For him, food is an affair of the heart. So when he's not at his height-adjustable desk, he's in the kitchen.

Small insect. Great investment opportunity.

We are currently working with a group of handpicked investors. What is important to us?

The values ​​must match - for example, returns must not be generated at the expense of sustainability.

Not only the financial investment is important to us, the strategic cooperation also plays a major role.

Currently we are only looking for tickets from 1 million euros. 

Looking for a great team?

Looking for a meaningful job? Change farming with us. More sustainable, efficient and future-proof. Sounds interesting? Then wait for our interview! You can find vacancies here or simply send us an unsolicited application.

Farming with insects and future

Is farming still worth it? Yes, with our products we reduce costs and CO2 emissions. Sounds interesting? Then take a look at our facility at the fish farmer Alfried Stier.

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