A success story of fish and larvae

He is the pioneer among fish farmers: Alfred Stier has always relied on smart innovations in his business. His latest optimization: Insects as feed - here he tells about his success story.

Alfred Stier says:

“Admittedly, investing in the FarmInsect fattening system took a little courage at first. But today I am more than happy to have had the courage! Producing my own feed here on site is great, cost-saving and sustainable! And the FarmInsect team is always there when I need them. My fish quickly got used to the insect larvae - and they are thriving! Conclusion: I'm a bit proud of my system and my courage. The decision to buy has completely paid off.”

A grandchild-friendly investment

For Alfred Stier, it is clear that the investment in the fattening facility is an investment in the next generation. After all, son Josef should be able to profit from the future potential of insects in fish farming and thus successfully continue the business.

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Alfred Stier & FarmInsect on TV

Sure, it's always best to get a picture of it on site. Since that's not possible right now, we have a little film about Alfred Stier's fish farming with FarmInsect. Just see for yourself how fish meal is replaced by insect food.

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