From the pigsty to the insect fattening facility

A guiding principle that runs through our work: Finding smart solutions. In the construction of insect fattening facilities, this means making the best possible use of existing buildings.

Old becomes new

We have also followed this approach with our largest own facility to date. We converted a pigsty for insect production – in this way we succeeded in switching from pig fattening to insect fattening in only three months. And the advantages are clear:

Save money: Using old buildings saves up to 30% in costs. We know what we are talking about!

Protecting the environment: A new building is not only expensive, it also has a significantly larger CO2 footprint.

Faster approvals compared to new construction.

Fewer emissions: Ammonia emissions are much lower than in the pigsty. This significantly reduces the odour nuisance.

And the prospects are also impressive: produce insects regionally, sustainably and cost-efficiently - a clear investment in the future!

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