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Protein-rich animal feed - grown sustainably, regionally and inexpensively. This is exactly what our products and services enable.

Insects with benefits

30% cost saving

Prices are rising everywhere - we are working to reduce costs. We offer low prices with high quality! With our regionally produced feed you can save up to 30% of the costs compared to conventional animal feed.

Independent prices

Waste and insects know no crisis. With us you can always produce insects as animal feed and benefit from lower prices, no matter what is happening on the world markets.

Secure supply chains

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and uncertain as a result of globalization. Not with us. Our supply chains are short, transparent and uncomplicated, which allows us to guarantee more security.

Positive impact

The black soldier fly has 52 immune peptides, which are a "super power" of the organism against diseases. It is the same with livestock as with humans: it is what it eats. 

50% less CO2 emissions

Our contribution against the climate crisis: By feeding insects, 50% less CO2 emissions are released compared to soy feed and fishmeal imports. Sounds good right?

How we close the circle

Once farmers have decided in favor of our modular fattening system, the following cycle starts:


We deliver the system and put it into operation. That means we train our farmers and set up the FarmInsect Cloud. So you can easily operate the system from anywhere and nothing can go wrong. Once the system has been set up, we adapt the feed and the climate recipe to the local conditions. This is the only way we can achieve the best possible result. 


Once the system has been set up, farmers will be supplied weekly with our young larvae subscription. And then? You harvest the fattened larvae, add food and young larvae and the larvae grow again. Each climate chamber is harvested once a week and new young larvae are placed.


3. The feed for the young larvae is also produced in the sense of circular economy: The larvae grow quickly through residues (approved as feed) from our own farm and/or purchased from the region. Because we help to find the optimal feed mix. In addition to the high-quality protein from larvae, insect feeding is also produced, which can be used for your own fields - or sold as high-quality fertilizer after heat treatment.


Farmers are now spoiled for choice: either they feed the fattened larvae to their own animals, or they sell them back to us. If they go to us, we will find regional buyers, for example in the feed and pet food sectors. And that's how easy it is to close the cycle again. 

Solution to the feed problem

Farmers across Europe have a problem. Due to the lack of protein feed, they have to import up to 90% from outside the EU. And that has serious consequences: Rain forests are cleared for soybean cultivation, and the seas are overfished to produce fishmeal. These measures to procure protein feed are accelerating climate change enormously.

What is the solution? Regionally and sustainably produced insects as feed for agriculture. Just read on to learn how our approach works!

Fattening system

Depending on the situation, we install the highly automated fattening system directly on site at the farmer's - or supply him with the fattened larvae from our facility. The principle is very simple: the larvae are taken out of the climatic chamber and the food is put on. The robot automatically grabs the box and a sieve separates the larvae from the compost. The boxes are filled with feed, the robot puts the box down again. The young larvae are added manually. We would be happy to explain the system to you on site!

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Young larvae & repurchase

If our system is installed at the farmer's, we supply him with young animals every week. These are different breeding lines of the black soldier fly, which are optimally matched to the regional food. And you know what? As a result, we have already achieved 50% more feed conversion within two years. If the larvae are well tempered, the farmer can use them as feed himself or sell them back to us. And why do we offer the buyback option? Quite simply: Even more customer service while at the same time optimally utilizing the larvae with as little waste as possible.

Larvae for pet food

What do we do with all the fattened larvae? One part stays with the farmers, the other part goes to pet food manufacturers (pet food). They produce the larvae food regionally and sustainably. Very important: All young larvae and larvae are produced in Germany - well fattened with local feed from sustainable agriculture.

Service orientation

What is important to us: Optimum customer care. So we are always there for our customers after the purchase and continue to look after them at the highest level. If problems arise, we will help you quickly. And that leads to the following effect: So far there hasn't been a single customer who isn't satisfied!

data evaluation

What we guarantee: Fully automatic monitoring of all systems. If the customer wishes, we can even access his system remotely. Our focus is on constant optimization, i.e. our product improves over the course of its lifetime. In plain language, this means: The customer's system keeps getting better after the purchase! Awesome right?

Small insect, big effect

Our insect: the black soldier fly. Why is it best for feed?

+ Rapid growth
Her fattening cycle is only 7 days - in which she achieves a 250-fold weight gain.

+ Processing of a wide range of feed
The black soldier fly utilizes almost all organic substances and can therefore make excellent use of the raw protein.

+ Safe animal husbandry
The black soldier fly is an EU-approved farm animal - and it has neither a mouth nor a sting! So no bites or stings for humans or animals.

+ Natural feed
Their larvae are ideal as natural feed for farm animals, because their 52 immune peptides have a positive effect on the larvae. Enjoy your meal!

From the pigsty to the insect fattening facility

A guiding principle that runs through our work: Finding smart solutions. In the construction of insect fattening facilities, this means making the best possible use of existing buildings.

Farming with insects and future

Is farming still worth it? Yes, with our products we reduce costs and CO2 emissions. Sounds interesting? Then take a look at our facility at the fish farmer Alfried Stier.

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